Olympics tickets: Q & A

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With the 2012 Olympics tickets application process now over, details are emerging as to the demand and likelihood of securing tickets to your chosen event. We answer any questions you may have...

Q: What chance have people got of being successful in getting the tickets they have applied for?

A: It varies - some sports such as track cycling, swimming and tennis, and high-profile athletics sessions will have computerised ballots to decide who gets the tickets. Both the opening and closing ceremonies will also do so.

Q: How many people have applied for tickets?

A: 1.8million people, overwhelmingly from the UK, have submitted applications for 20million tickets. Only 6.6million tickets are on sale and more than 50% of the 650 sessions are oversubscribed.

Q: When will money be taken out of people's accounts.

A: The cash could be taken from accounts as early as May 10, and definitely before June 24.

Q: Will money be taken out before people know exactly which tickets they have been successful in buying?

A: That could well be the case.

Q: What if people do not have enough money in their accounts to meet the purchases?

A: London 2012 may give them the opportunity to transfer money into their account once they have been alerted they do not have enough.

Q: How will the ballots take place?

A: There will be a computerised ballot to allot the tickets on a completely random basis. The ballot will be audited by KPMG.

Q: When will the next tickets go on sale.

A: Unsold tickets will go on sale in June and July.

Q: Are refunds available if people do not want tickets?

A: Straight refunds are not available but London 2012 will launch their official resale platform early next year where people can offer their tickets for re-sale at face value. There is however no guarantee they will be bought.

Q: Which sports have had surprisingly high demand?

A: Apart from the obvious sports such as athletics, cycling, swimming and rowing, there has been high demand for badminton, archery and rhythmic gymnastics.

Q: Have some sports have sold out already?

A: Yes - track cycling, rhythmic gymnastics, triathlon, modern pentathlon, equestrian (cross country) and the majority of sessions in swimming and tennis.