Fencing: Distraught South Korean Shin Lam sees protest rejected


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The technical director of the Olympic fencing tournament has rejected the protest by the South Korean team over the incident which left Shin A Lam heart-broken and in tears during an hour-long wait for a verdict at the ExCeL last night.

Shin went away without a medal in the women's epee after thinking she was through to the final when the clock went to zero.

Austrian referee Barbara Csar then ruled there was actually still a second left, Germany's 2008 champion Britta Heidemann scored and Shin, who stayed on the piste as discussions went on, later lost the bronze medal fight as well.

In their written appeal the Korean team said: "I can't agree with the decision of the referee. Who can believe this situation? the Korean team cannot accept this situation."

But an official statement issued this morning said: "It is for the referee to decide how much time remains. The referee confirmed the last hit. Neither the DT (the technical director) nor the refereeing delegations can change a question of fact.

"The DT decides to reject the protest."