Organisers say there are 'no secrets' over obstructed view seats for diving events


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Olympic organisers have said there are "no secrets" with regards to obstructed view seating for the diving competitions.

Spectators seated in the back rows at the Aquatics Centre on the London 2012 Olympic Park will not be able to see the 10-metre platform because of the inward sloping roof.

Great Britain's top medal hope, Tom Daley, is due to participate in two events at that height but all ticket-holders have been warned about this in advance.

They will instead be able to catch any action they might miss on screens and the problem will not affect swimming as the whole pool is visible.

Debbie Jevans, director of sport for organising committee LOCOG, said: "When it comes to the seating in the wings, when you look down you can always see the actual lanes.

"You can see the far lane and the seats across the back all have televisions up there as well.

"Nobody will miss any of the action and if there is any seat that is slightly obscured the ticket-holder is advised of that, so there are no secrets in that regard."

Jevans also dismissed concerns that some competitors and officials have found it too warm inside the venue, stating that the temperature complies with governing body regulations.

She said: "The temperature in the Aquatics Centre, that is in line with what FINA require us to do.

"It is a warm venue, that is for sure, and it is what it is for the sport.

"The temperature we have is appropriate for the athletes and their performance.

"I am comfortable the venue is absolutely right for athletes to perform."