The Great British record

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*Great Britain is unique in being the only country to win gold at every Summer Games since 1896.

*Barring Beijing, 660 medals in all – 185 of them gold – have been won by GB, making it the third most successful country, after the USA and USSR.

*GB topped the table in 1908 in London, with 55 golds, 46 silvers and 35 bronzes for 136 in all. It's the only time GB was the most successful country.

*The other top games for GB were: 1900, 34 medals, 10 gold; 1912, 41 medals, 10 gold; 1920, 41 medals, 14 gold.

*The biggest post-war GB haul was at LA in 1984 with 37, but with only five golds. Eleven came in 2000, out of 28 medals, the highest number of golds since 1920.

*The least successful games were: 1904, 1 gold, 1 silver; 1952, 1 gold, from 11 medals; 1996, 1 gold out of 15 in all.