Winter Olympics 2014: Lizzie Yarnold gold post box petition receives tens of thousands of signatures overnight

The petition is calling for the Royal Mail to recognise the bobsleigh athlete in the same way as competitors at London 2012 were

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition, 24 hours since it was launched, urging the Royal Mail to honour Winter Olympic gold medal winner Lizzie Yarnold with a golden post box.

25-year-old Yarnold, from Sevenoaks, Kent, won a medal in Sochi in the women’s skeleton bobsleigh, and set a track record of 57.91 in her third run.

But the Royal Mail, which painted post boxes for gold medal winners of the London 2012 Olympic Games, has said it will not  do the same for athletes competing in Sochi.

Started by a reporter from Yarnold’s local newspaper, the Sevenoaks Chronicle, its 20,000 signatories are putting pressure on the company to help show that the UK recognises the success of all its athletes.


Writing on, Sean Paul Doran, who started the petition, said: “It isn't right that the Royal Mail refuses to take such a small action which would have a huge impact.

“We should continue to inspire the next generation of gold medalists and send a message to aspiring young athletes that they can achieve great things too - and that when they do, they will be celebrated for it.”

Judith Yarnold, Lizzie Yarnold's mother, said: “I was really disappointed when I heard West Kingsdown would not be getting a golden post box.

"It was a lovely gesture from Royal Mail to paint the post boxes in the hometowns of the London 2012 winners gold. We would absolutely love it if the gesture was extended to Lizzy.

“It’s much more than just celebrating Lizzy’s remarkable achievement – it’s about inspiring the next generation to take up a sport and dedicate themselves to it," she added.