Winter Olympics 2014: Your guide to Skeleton

13-15 Feb at Sliding Centre Sanki

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What is it? Britain's go-to event. Athletes propel themselves head first down a 1.5km run. It's fast and dangerous. There are four runs over two days and the lowest overall time wins.

What do I need to know? Racers steer with their upper bodies or toes, exerting pressure on the runners under the sled to make minute alterations.

Tell me something I don't know Britain has won a medal at all five Games in which skeleton has featured, including Amy Williams' gold in Vancouver four years ago.

GB chances Excellent – Lizzy Yarnold is world No 1, Shelley Rudman is the world champion.

One to watch Noelle Pikus-Pace, an American, is the Britons' main rival.