Winter Olympics Notebook: Skater not 'true champ'

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Figure Skating: Men's figure-skating silver medallist, Yevgeny Plushenko, has claimed Evan Lysacek (who won the gold), is not a "true champion" because he did not attempt a quadruple jump, the move considered the most difficult in figure skating, in either Tuesday's short or Thursday's free programmes. Oooh, get him. Lyasek doesn't seem too bothered.

Boarder a jawbreaker

Snowboarding: After winning gold in the women's halfpipe this week, Australian Torah Bright has revealed she suffered a broken jaw from her run, as well as three concussions in the six weeks preceding the Winter Olympics. "That's what it takes to get the gold medal," her proud mother Marion conceded. They breed 'em tough Down Under.

A freestyling danger

Freestyle Skiing: The ski cross is one of the most physically demanding events at the Games. Which is why you fear for two American competitors, Casey Puckett [36] and Daron Rahlves [37]. Puckett is recovering from a dislocated shoulder, while Rahlves dislocated his right hip at the X Games just three weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how the pair do.

Gold in style stakes

Figure Skating: He may have come fifth in the men's figure skating, but American Johnny Weir deserves the gold for most outlandish costume. Weir, who has a history of wearing garish outfits when he performs, outdid himself in the free skate programme yesterday, wearing a white and silver number - and added a crown of red roses at the end.