Anonymous athlete: 'I was just 15 when I was first accused of doping'

The blanket ban on Russian athletes from competing globally was imposed by the International Association of Athletics Federations last week in a bid to eradicate what the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Dick Pound called “state-sponsored doping”. It means that clean athletes have been denied a chance to compete on the world stage, with their chances of going to next year’s Olympics hanging in the balance. The Independent on Sunday’s Matt Majendie spoke to one “clean” Russian athlete, who has asked to remain anonymous...

Radcliffe accuses Wada of dereliction of duty over doping scandal

The marathon world record holder has herself has been embroiled in questions of doping after she accused a Parliamentary committee of effectively naming her as the high-profile British athlete that had recorded suspicious readings from the leaked IAAF blood database

The road to Rio gold is paved with grinding poverty

A year from the start of the next Games in Brazil, the country seems to have learnt nothing from the experience of staging the World Cup. Ewan MacKenna visits the favelas where the cost of the get-rich-quick schemes is highest