On the move

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Steve Corica Leicester to Wolves

Zeljko Kalac Leicester to Wolves

Devon White Notts County to Watford

Paul Holmes Everton to West Bromwich

Gary Himsworth Darlington to York

Paul McDonald Southampton to Brighton

Jamie Pitman Swindon to Hereford

Stuart Watkiss Walsall to Hereford

Kieran Durkan Wrexham to Stockport

Martyn Chalk Stockport to Wrexham

Glyn Hodges Sheffield Utd to Derby

Russell Osman Brighton to Cardiff

Kenny Gilbert Aberdeen to Hull City

Phil Clarkson Crewe to Scunthorpe

Robbie Turner Exeter to Cambridge Utd

Bobby Geddes Kilmarnock to Raith Rovers


Marco Boogers West Ham to Groningen

Steve Castle Birmingham to Gillingham

Keith Scott Norwich to Bournemouth

Tony Brien West Bromwich to Mansfield

Neil Doherty Birmingham to Northampton

Nigel Jemson Notts County to Rotherham

Danny Hill Tottenham to Watford

Danny Shipp West Ham to Glenavon

Paul Tait Birmingham to Coventry

Managerial moves

Swansea City: Out: Kevin Cullis. In: Jimmy Rimmer (caretaker manager).