On the move

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Chris Coleman Crystal Palace to Blackburn

Noel Whelan Leeds to Coventry

Steve Hodge Queen's Park Rangers to Watford

Ian Feuer West Ham to Luton

Billy Mercer Sheffield Utd to Chesterfield

Andy Rhodes St Johnstone to Airdrie

Richard Appleby Newcastle to Ipswich

Paul Ramsey Telford to Torquay

Alex Watson Bournemouth to Torquay

Brian Kilcline Swindon to Mansfield


Andy Sussex Southend to Brentford

Steve Guinan Nottingham Forest to Darlington

Nicky Hammond Plymouth to Reading

Kevin Magee Plymouth to Scarborough

David Lucas Preston to Darlington

Ronnie Ekelund Barcelona to Manchester City

Fred Barber Luton to Blackpool

Gavin Johnson Luton to Wigan

David Brightwell Manchester City to Shrewsbury

Managerial moves

Sheffield Utd: Out: Dave Bassett. In: Howard Kendall.

Wolves: In: Mark McGhee.

Peterborough Utd: In: Mick Halsall.