Only on a Wednesday

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Q. I have always wondered how Sheffield Wednesday got their name. Can anyone solve this mystery?

A. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club was formed in 1867 as a section of the Wednesday Cricket Club (founded over 50 years earlier) which got its name from the fact that Wednesday was half-day working in Sheffield and the only day when mid-week sport could be played. - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

A. They come from Sheffield. - Jeff Hoyle, King's Lynn

Q. Has a Football League club ever had to play two matches in 48 hours outside of Bank Holiday weekends. If so, who, when and why?

A. Bury FC did this twice in the 1985/86 season. First they played Reading in an FA Cup fourth-round replay on 28 January, winning 3-1. The following afternoon they played Preston - who had no floodlights - in the Freight Rover Trophy losing 2-0. They then played Bolton at Gigg Lane in a Division Three game on 25 February winning 5-1 and at home again the following evening, losing 2-1 to Tranmere in the Freight Rover Trophy - Mike Holland, Hartford.


Q. When you talk of the Celts or Celtic peoples, the initial "C" is pronounced hard like a "K". Why, therefore, is it pronounced like an "S"so far as Glasgow Celtic is concerned? - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby.

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