Pakistani admits accepting bribe

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Qasim Omar, the former Pakistan Test player, has admitted to accepting a bribe during his international career and claimed that his country's cricket chiefs turned a blind eye to the practice.

Qasim, who played 26 Tests for Pakistan, said on Australian television that he had "thrown" his wicket in the 1984 series in Australia after being offered a bribe.

He claimed he had allowed himself to be bowled by Geoff Lawson during the drawn Test in Melbourne in return for an undisclosed sum from bookmakers.

Qasim said he was ashamed of his actions but claimed his dismissal had not put Pakistan in danger of losing the match. "Of course, I did wrong," he said. "But I can't say I shouldn't have done it at the time. I was doing it thinking my team wasn't in danger, I was going to accept the money and carry on."

Qasim said he had been an agent for bookmakers who wanted him to bribe Greg Chappell during the series but he had been unable to bring himself to do it because Chappell was his idol.

Qasim also alleged that "four or five" players from India and Pakistan had accepted bribes from him when he acted as an agent for bookmakers and claimed authorities in Pakistan were turning a blind eye to the problem because high profile players were involved.

Another of Qasim's charges is that a well known England bowler took pounds 1,000 from a bookmaker for deliberately conceding a boundary in the first over of a Test.

In 1988 Qasim made unsubstantiated claims that Pakistan cricketers had been involved in drug dealing and smuggling.