Parrott wins at a canter from Thorne

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John Parrott cleared another hurdle at the Royal Liver Assurance UK Championship at Preston yesterday but admitted: "If I was a horse there would probably be an investigation."

Parrott, who headed off Willie Thorne 9-3 to reach the last 16, insisted: "I've been so unreliable this season I'm sure they will be hauling me before the Jockey Club. But I'm delighted to get the first two matches under my belt."

Parrott began the second session with a 7-1 advantage and though Thorne made breaks of 68 and 57 to come back to 7-3, Parrott finished off the match in another 32 minutes.

Dennis Taylor rolled back the years with a vintage comeback victory over world No 8 Darren Morgan. Taylor battled back from 8-5 down to win 9-8.