Power proves the key

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Cambridge maintained its dominance of the Women's Boat Race at Henley yesterday winning by four lengths. Although their coach, Roger Silk, has been playing down the crew's worth with a stern pair over 12st and all but one of the remainder over 11st, there has always been power enough for an outstanding performance."I think there is still more potential in this crew and we are going to the Olympic course in Atlanta after Easter to race Harvard and Yale."

Oxford won the lightweight men's race with a controversial disqualification after clashing continuously for 500 metres during which both crews had wandered far from the centre stream.

Oxford looked like winning the women's lightweights after the first race was restarted following a clash in which both crews were judged to be at fault. Oxford lost the race after five minutes when a crab dragged the crew to half a length down after they had been leading by a canvas.

Steven Redgrave, at 34, won the Tideway Head of the River race for the 10th time in a Leander crew in which none of the others had ever won it. Leander made the best job of blending Olympic squad members from different crews and their coach, Jurgen Grobler, felt they might have taken the record but for a slack stream and faint headwind. Leander were followed home by University of London and Molesey.

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