Pressure too much for Sharks

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The Sharks were shaking their heads on the journey back to Sheffield after their 82-70 defeat at Wembley against London Towers. The Budweiser League leaders are now in prime position to take the title from the Yorkshire club.

"We didn't handle it well," said the Sharks' coach, Jim Brandon, referring to the pressing defence which London used to shake the champions out of their patient, studious offence.

"We ran the video on the coach back and we shook our heads at what we saw. They gave us trouble where they shouldn't have done."

London's Steve Bucknall and Sheffield's Roger Huggins scored 30 points and 27 respectively, but Brandon acknowledged it was London's team-work which proved decisive.

"They have the individual talent, but when London play as a team they look a different outfit. They're tougher."