Pride before fall for Chapot

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Laura Chapot made a spectacular debut in her first competition at the Kerrygold Dublin Horse Show yesterday, winning the Kerrygold Welcome Stakes on Aiko XX and then falling after going through the finish.

The 25-year-old American's parents, Frank and Mary, were both top international riders and their daughter won a World Cup qualifier in Florida before her first European victory at Spangenberg in Germany at the end of last month.

Britain failed to achieve a single clear round - whereas Annick Chenu from France, who had looked to be heading for a hospital bed when she took a crashing fall in the morning, jumped clear twice to be runner-up on Baeken Platiere.

Three Britons - Di Lampard on Abbervail Dream, Michael Whitaker on Virtual Village Absolom and Geoff Billington on It's Otto - missed the jump-off through a single error. John Whitaker also had one mistake on Grannusch, but he also incurred a quarter time fault.

Billington had stopped before the third fence, when he realised a pole was already on the ground and dangerously close to the spot where It's Otto was likely to land. Having waited until the pole had been replaced, the horse promptly knocked it to the ground again.

The Kerrygold Speed Stakes provided another American victory when Beezie Patton on Innocence defeated Ireland's Marion Hughes on Flo Jo by a commanding 4.33sec.

KERRYGOLD DUBLIN HORSE SHOW: Kerrygold Welcome Stakes: 1 Aiko XX (L Chapot, US) clear, 45.28sec; 2 Baeken Platiere (A Chenu, Fr) clear, 48.85; 3 Gyssmo (J Friedli, Swit) clear, 49.42. Kerrygold Speed Stakes: 1 Innocence (B Patton, US) 52.33sec; 2 Flo Jo (M Hughes, Irl) 56.86; 3 Burg's Pretty Woman (B Romp, Neth) 58.76.