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Q. After his last full season for Middlesex in 1957, Denis Compton, in fact played 12 further first-class matches. However, his official biography makes no mention of these. Can someone enlighten me?

A. Denis Compton played first-class cricket for a further seven years after his last full season for Middlesex. In 1958 he played three games for Middlesex. In 1959 he played, once, for MCC against Cambridge University. In the autumn of 1959 he captained a Commonwealth XI in South Africa that played three matches. Unfortunately, Wisden does not give the full scores, so it is not possible to say how many games he played, but as captain, he probably played all three. Compton reappeared in 1963 for one game for Middlesex against Oxford University. In 1964 he played twice for the Cavaliers against Jamaica. The unfound two games must have also been in 1964.

P Harrison, Surrey


Q. Are they called the All Blacks simply because of the colour of their shirts?

- T Reynolds, Bristol

Q. What is the earliest a Premiership match has kicked off?

- W Morris, Reading

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