Q & A: Singular failure of tennis stars

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Q. Are there any tennis players who have released records?

A. During Wimbledon in 1991, John McEnroe and Pat Cash teamed up with Roger Daltrey on a cover version of Led Zepellin's 'Rock 'n' Roll', under the band name Full Metal Rackets. Despite a barrage of publicity, the record only got as far as No 66 before disappearing the following week. Even less successful was the British player Jo Durie's 1984 tribute to her favourite tournament, the excruciating 'Wimbledon Lawns', which failed even to reach the Top 100. The only tennis player to achieve any success in music has been the Frenchman Yannick Noah, who since his retirement has become a major rock star in his home country, with a No 1 single, 'Saga Africa', and two hit albums to his name. Interest outside France, however, has been less than overwhelming, and none of the records has even been released in the UK. Other tennis players have dabbled with music: the Swedish former world No 1 Mats Wilander toured with his own rock band during his years out of the game, and Boris Becker had a cameo role as a cameraman in one of his wife's pop videos. - Jon Kennaugh, Merseyside

A. I have in my possession a single released by CBS in 1987 called 'Globe Trotter Lover'. This dreadful slab of cheesy Euro-twaddle was recorded by the Wimbledon's nearly-man Ilie Nastase. - Graeme Harper, London E11

Q. Is there a more insecure profession than being a football manager?

Football managers might have an insecure job, but being on a good salary with a contract, there are compensations. In any case, I would guess that managers have usually got a pretty good idea when their number is up, unlike many employees in the non- sporting world.

I think that sport lends itself to unpredictable employment, however. A prime example has been the dismissal of Wigan's coach, John Dorahy, despite another good season for the team. And football club trainees, taken on under the Youth Training Scheme, earn just pounds 31.50 at 16 yet if they don't make the grade, they have to scramble for whatever non-footballing jobs are available. It may be tough at the top, but it is worse at the bottom. - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q. Whatever happened to 3.15 kick-offs?

A. While the moving of Premiership kick-offs to suit television has been well documented, the Football League has seen a move towards universal 3pm Saturday starts with almost no Friday night matches during 1993-94. The reason does not seem to have been made public. Is it because of the pools companies? Or are Stockport, Tranmere and Southend now better able to compete for fans on a Saturday afternoon? As for Saturday night games at Torquay, it may come as a surprise that, apart from a couple of 6.30pm experiments in 1992-93, there has been none since a troublesome encounter with Wolves in 1986. - Nick House, Taunton

Q. Am I right in thinking that there was a one-armed German international footballer in the early Fifties?

A. With reference to a one-armed player, there was indeed a player who played for West Germany in the 1950s. He played on the right wing, his name was Fritz Walther and he had an arm missing. I can remember seeing him on television playing for West Germany on more than one occasion, in fact he may have been a member of their squad when they won the World Cup in 1954. - John Neeson, Salford


Q. Mike Atherton has now lost the toss in six consecutive Tests. Is this a record? - Hugo Barnes, Wells, Somerset

Q. Can anyone tell me why the Irish RFU refuse to play the Welsh national anthem. - Simon Evans, Gwynedd

Q. In size, the Ashes urn at Lord's must be the smallest trophy competed for at world level. What is the largest in size? - Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q. Who was the first cricketer to wear a protective helmet and when? - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

Q. I once went to a game at Berwick Rangers where the kick-off was delayed 10 minutes to let in an official crowd of 992. Has a kick-off ever been delayed to let in a smaller crowd? - Nick House, Taunton

Q. Is the Eton Wall Game worth playing? If so, how many clubs play it? What unusual set of circumstances last made it possible for a goal to be scored? How does one play it? - C J Lill, London E5

Q. Why do some professional jockeys use their first names on racecards (Dean McKeown, Dale Gibson, Stephen Davies) while the rest only have initials (W Carson, etc)? - Dwight Starfield, Chelmsford

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