Q & A: What the Czech?

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Q. What became of two Czech internationals signed by Derby County in 1988 after being granted political asylum in England?

A. Ivo Knoflicek was transferred to FC St Pauli in Hamburg and played for several seasons in the Bundesliga. He has since returned to the Republic and plays for Dukla Pribram. Lubos Kubik was transferred to Fiorentina and has returned to the Czech where he plays for a second division team, Slovan Pardubice. Both enjoyed successful international careers after they left Derby County.

Michael Wooldridge,


Q. Is Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch the best-selling sport book of all?

A. No, this honour goes to John Feinstein and his book A Season On The Brink, an insight into the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team and their legendary coach, Bobby Knight.

Brad Keast, Halifax


Q. The 1998 Winter Olympics are termed the XVIII Olympiad. This figure can only be arrived at by including the non-events of 1940 and 1944. Upon what grounds does the Olympic movement ignore history?

A Wolstenholme, Leeds

Q. As the amount of shipping has increased in the English channel has this affected the attempts to swim the channel? It was the vogue to try to do so at one time.

Kevin Maguire, Batley

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