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Q. Your article on Arthur Wharton, the country's first black professional footballer, prompted me to wonder who was the first black footballer to represent England at any level. I was told it was a player called Alexander, who ran out for England Schoolboys in 1969. Does anyone know his first name, where he was from, or what happened to him?

A. According to the first Rothman's Yearbook, the black footballer who represented England Schoolboys in 1969 was HG Alexander of London. He played in midfield for the Under-18 side, selected by the now defunct Conference of English Senior Schools, in the 7-1 thrashing of Wales at Reading and the 1-0 defeat by Scotland. The future England striker and Wolves legend John Richards no doubt got among the goals against Wales. - W Joyce, Beverley, East Yorkshire

Q. Yorkshire CCC have played first-class cricket at the following grounds: Headingley, Holbeck, Horsforth, Hunslet, Hull, Huddersfield and Harrogate. Has any other county played at grounds beginning with the same letter?

A. Yorkshire have indeed played first-class cricket at the places beginning with "H" listed above but have played at another, too: Halifax (Thrum Hall ground) in 1888 v Gloucestershire, 1889 v Middlesex, 1894 v Essex and 1897 v Kent. Thrum Hall is better known nowadays as the home of Halifax Rugby League Football Club. - F D Bottomley, Helperby, North Yorkshire


Q. With all the rain at the Second Test at Lord's and at the tennis at Wimbledon it would be interesting to know when was the wettest summer in recent times and what was the effect on sport? - D Roberts, Newport, Gwent

Q. Louis Luyt, the South African rugby union supremo, said after South Africa's triumph at the 1995 World Cup that New Zealand (1987) and Australia (1991) had a cheek to call themselves world champions when the Springboks had not been allowed to compete in the previous two cups. Now that the Lions have proved that they can compete with and, indeed, beat the best in the world, why can't they field a team in 1999 to give the southern hemisphere sides something to aspire to? - N Seaton, Ladbroke Grove, London

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