Q&A : B-move made for Continent

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Q. English teams A and B contest the FA Cup final. Team A has won the Premiership that season, team B the European Cup-Winners' Cup. Who would then enter the next season's Cup-Winners' Cup as England's representatives?

A. The answer is team B as England's representatives. Team A will be in the Champions' League, while team B will play in the Cup-Winners' Cup. As both teams contested the FA Cup final and team A won the league, the only side qualified whatever the result of the final is team B. This is what happened with Liverpool in 1995. In 1993, Olympique de Marseille won both the Champions' League and the French League, qualifying them for the following season's Champions' League, but because of match-rigging, Marseille did not participate. The French League runners-up, Paris St- Germain did not go into the competition as they won the French Cup. AS Monaco, third in the League, entered the event. - Stephane Ferry, Leeds


Q. Has a football league club ever had to play two matches in 48 hours outside of Bank Holiday weekends. If so, who, when and why? - Adam Campbell, London W11

Q. Which football club has the most travelling support to away games calculated as a percentage of its average home gate? And which has the least? - Adrian Brodkin, London N2

Q. I have always wondered how Sheffield Wednesday got their name, Can anyone solve this mystery? - Dave Labi, Stanmore

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