Q&A: Decade of Bowyer

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Q. Has any other player emulated Mark Hughes and won European medals more than five years apart?

A. In 1980 Ian Bowyer won a European Cup winner's medal for Nottingham Forest. A mere 10 years earlier in 1970 he won a European Cup-Winners' Cup medal when he appeared as a substitute for Manchester City. Bowyer may be the only Englishman to have won both trophies?

J M Shepley, Godalming

A. Ray Kennedy's European longevity (winner's medals with an eight-year gap) is dwarfed by that of Steve Perryman, winner of the Uefa Cup with Tottenham in 1972 and 1984.

Ewan Maddrell, Whitehaven

Q. Is there anything legally preventing me from setting up my own boxing association, and awarding my own world titles?

A. No. But all possible combinations of initials have already been used.

S O'Loughlin, Huddersfield

Answers please

Q. In England's senior county rugby union competition, there are sides representing Notts, Lincs & Derbys, Leicester- shire and the East Midlands. Why is there the geographical overlap?

Robert Fox, Taunton

Q. Grandstand in the 1960s used to broadcast "Super Snooker" but with an orange ball scoring eight points and a purple ball scoring nine. And this was in black and white! Has Super Snooker been played since?

S O'Loughlin,


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