Q&A; Downcast daze in Doncaster

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Q. Poor Doncaster have had a pretty dreadful season, but has any Football League club fared any worse?

A. Doncaster's will not be a League record whatever happens during the rest of the season. For in 1904/05 Doncaster themselves obtained just eight points (from 34 games) when finishing bottom of Division Two. Loughborough Town in 1899-1900 equalled this record. Of longer seasons, Rochdale obtained just 11 points over 40 Division Three games during the 1931/32 season. Then in 1976/77 Workington got 19 points during their last ever Division Four programme. They played 46 games, the same as Doncaster will. With Doncaster on 16 after 40 games there is a chance that Doncaster might under-perform them. It is all a far cry from when Doncaster set a record with 72 points in a 42-match season (1946/47 - Division Three, Northern).

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby


A. Billy Walker was manager of Sheffield Wednesday when they won the FA Cup in 1935 and Nottingham Forest when they win it in 1959. Has any other manager won major trophies more than 20 years apart?

D Lock, Solihull

Three horses died in this year's Grand National. How many in total have died in this race. How many die in an average National Hunt season?

S O'Loughlin, Huddersfield

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