Q&A: Greig's army on parade

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Q. A crowd of 31,626 turned out for Paul Merson's testimonial between Arsenal and and Tottenham last month. What is the record for an attendance at such matches?

A. Statistics from testimonials will always be difficult to ascertain since media coverage can scarcely be described as comprehensive. I have no idea what the record might be, but count my presence among a 65,000 crowd at Ibrox stadium, Glasgow on Sunday 16 April 1978 to honour John Greig's playing career. Greig was the first Rangers player in more than 50 years to be awarded such an accolade. A solitary first-half goal scored by Derek Johnstone was significantly improved upon during the second half when two goals apiece for Bobby Russell and Greig secured for Rangers a 5-0 victory over a Scotland XI. The teams were: Rangers: McCloy, Jardine, Greig; Forsyth, Jackson, MacDonald (Watson); McLean (Strickland), Russell, Johnstone, Smith, Cooper. Scotland: Blyth, Brownlie, Whittaker; Masson, McQueen, Rioch; Wallace, Gemmell, Jordan, Hartford, Robertson. - John Elliot, Hawick

A. As well as John Greig's match, the Ally McCoist and Davie Cooper testimonials at Ibrox also produced full houses, with crowds of more than 40,000. - Nigel Simpson, Edinburgh

Q. At this year's Monaco Grand Prix, only three cars were left running at the chequered flag, but points were awarded to sixth place. What is the rule that allows this to happen?

A. Any car completing 90 per cent of the race distance run is classified in the final results, even though it may not be running at the chequered flag. Therefore, Frentzen, Salo and Hakkinen, who respectively had completed 74, 70 and 70 laps of the 75-lap race, were eligible for world championship points as only Panis, Coulthard and Herbert had completed more laps. - Andrew Dolan, Prudhoe

Q. Could you please tell me who were the last English team to win at the San Siro stadium in Italy. And what was the score and which year?

A. The answer may surprise you: in fact it was my team, Crystal Palace. They played a full-strength Internazionale side in the Anglo-Italian Cup on 4 June 1971. The score was 2-1 to the Glaziers and both goals were scored by Bobby Tambling, one a 30-yard thunderbolt. - David Wilton, Falmouth


Q. What is the average home league attendance at Linfield's matches in the Irish League, and which club in Ireland has the biggest support? - Laurence Main, Machynlleth, Powys

Q. Some years ago it became fashionable for the cox to lie in the bows of a coxed four, rather than sit in the stern. What is the advantage, and why is it not used in eights? - John Harris, London SW13

Q. Does anyone have any information on the basketball game in which a single player scored all the points in his side's 272-0 win? In what circumstances was he able to score a basket, worth two points, at an average of once every 20 seconds or so? - Nigel Bryan, Oakengates, Shropshire

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