Q&A : Pyjama game

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Q. Once, every League goalkeeper, with the possible exception of Grimsby, wore a green jersey. Was this a League or Football Association law or just the fashion?

A. Until the rules were altered in the 1970s, goalkeepers' jerseys were limited to green, blue, scarlet and white. Green was less likely to clash with the others as the only team in a green strip was Plymouth Argyle. Their goalie usually wore blue, but might have had to change when the opposition wore blue. Similarly, keepers v Plymouth would have had to change from green. Nowadays, of course, they all wear pyjamas. - J W Moverley, Malvern


Q. The cricketers, Mike Atherton and John Crawley, went to the same school (Manchester Grammar) and to the same university (Cambridge). They both play for the same county (Lancashire) and have represented England together in the same Test team several times. Does anybody know of similar instances happening before in Test cricket? - Mukti N Bhattacharya, Heaton Mersey

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