Q&A: TV's bed of roses

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Q. Was the recent televising of the Kent v Leicestershire county championship fixture the first occasion on which a county was televised live.

A. I recall that in the 1970s, county matches made occasional appearances on BBC Grandstand. I remember watching Northamptonshire's Indian spin bowler Bishen Bedi batting low in the order and smashing the ball to all parts of the ground for a couple of glorious overs.

In the North-west, Granada Television televised live sessions from the Roses match, Lancashire v Yorkshire, from Old Trafford for many years. One of the commentators was Mike Carey, one of the Independent's present county cricket correspondents, while another was the inimitable Gerald Sinstadt, now reporting and commentating for the BBC on football. The commercial television format did not readily lend itself to cricket coverage and the often dour atmosphere of county matches, exacerbated by poor attendances and sometimes mediocre playing standards, means that the television companies have never shown that much interest in this form of cricket over the years. - Michael P Ward, Stockport

Q. The tennis player Anna Smashnova was aptly named for her chosen career. Are there other similar instances of appropriately named sportsmen or women?

A. Daniel Lobb, a British tennis player, reached the semi-finals of the Reebok Tour competition at Ealing last September. - Simon N Hughes, London W3

A. I think the American golfer Chip Beck takes the prize. - Martyn P Jackson, Cramlington, Northumberland

A. I have always enjoyed the cricketer Giles John Toogood (Oxford University 1982-83) and Albert Lightfoot, the medium-paced bowler who played for Northamptonshire after the Second World War. And what about the short- lived Essex bowler S G Plumb, who no doubt won his fair share of lbw decisions. - Giles R Lyon, London SW6


Q. With the entries in the various classes at Cowes Week going into the hundreds, what is the limit on the number of yachts? And what is a manageable figure in each daily race? - Andy Phillips, Sittingbourne

Q. How did Glorious Goodwood get its wonderful name? - Mary Allbright, Peterborough

Q. Can any national radio match the output of sport as we have on BBC Five Live. - Kevin Maguire, Batley

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