Q&A: Whiteside the younger wonder

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Q. The Scotland goalkeeper Jim Leighton, at 39, is the oldest player at France 98. Who is the oldest to have played in the World Cup finals? And who is the youngest?

A. Roger Milla (born 20 May, 1952) was 42 years and 39 days when he played for Cameroon against Cameroon against Russia on 28 June 1994, making him the oldest. Northern Ireland's Norman Whiteside was just 17 years and 41 days when he faced Yugoslavia on 17 June 1982 in Spain, making him the youngest.

T Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Answers please

Q. Has the pacemaker in an athletics distance event ever gone on to win a major race?

K Maguire, Batley

Q. If first-class cricket needs, both literally and metaphorically, a level playing field, why have the authorities never eliminated the slope at Lord's?

G Steele, Purley

Q. There were five red cards shown in two World Cup matches on Thursday. What is the largest number shown (or players sent off before the days of red cards) in total in a single World Cup tournament and what is the record number of players sent off in a single World Cup match?

D Haycock, Bournemouth

Q. Having seen a recent TV show about football in New York, I wondered if the famous New York Cosmos team had any competition in the city. Did other professional clubs exist, where did they play and were they successful?

G Woad, London N6

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