Q&A: Wincing Wilf

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Q. Judged by the difference in League places between the position the club was in when he arrived and when he left, who is the best Football league manager of all time? And, more importantly, the worst?

A. Terry Dolan's achievement of "minus 41" over six and a half years at Hull City is far exceeded by Wilf McGuinness. York City were 12th in the old Division Two when he took over in February 1975. After successive relegations, York were 22nd in Division Four when McGuinness was sacked in October 1977. "Minus 56" in two and a half seasons at poor old York is a record unlikely to be surpassed.

D Hayes,



Q. Henry Blofeld (25 January) writes of Wes Hall's "enormous run". But which fast bowler had the longest run-up in cricketing history?

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q. Why do the Australian national teams have three suffixes? Cricket - known as Cobbers, rugby league - Kangaroos, Rugby union - Wallabies?

Kevin Maguire, Batley

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