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Q. Luton have transferred Simon Davies. This leaves them with two players called Davis (Kelvin and Steve). Has any club ever had more than three players sharing the same surname?

A. Stockport County had three Jones in their 1996-97 squad and a manager: Paul (goalkeeper); Paul (midfielder); Lee (midfielder) and Dave (manager).

David Bowyer, Buxton

A. Tottenham in the late 1930s had no less than five players named Hall on their books: John, Alan, Albert, Almeric and the great WG (Willie) who scored five goals for England against Northern Ireland.

C S H Cooper, Bicester

Q. In 1885 Arbroath beat Bon Accord 36-0. In theory, what is the highest possible score in 90 minutes' play?

A. On 13 November 1988, Drayton Grange Colts defeated Eldon Sports Reserves 49-0 in a Daventry and District Sunday game. This didn't however match the junior record, set on 11 April 1976 when Midas FC beat Courage Colts, in an Under-14 game lasting 70 minutes, 59-1. As for the highest possible score, Ilinden FC of Yugoslavia defeated Mladst 134-1 in the final game of the 1979 season. This was possible with the collusion of both sides and the referee: a large victory was wanted to secure promotion.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby


Q. When American football franchises move cities, do many fans continue to follow that team from a distance? How many Cardinals fans from St Louis still support them in Arizona? Do older Baltimore Colts fans now watch the Baltimore Ravens, their colts having moved to Indianapolis? How many Oilers fans travel from Houston to Tennessee?

Gavin Willacy, London N6

Q. Why do Australian Test cricketers wear baggy caps?

Kevin Maguire, Batley

Q. Most betting odds are reduced to their lowest common denominator. Why is 100-30 never reduced to 10-3?

John Swallow, Middlesbrough

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