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Q. On 10 January in a rugby union game in the Devon and Cornwall League, Bude and Teignmouth drew 0-0. What is the most significant game of rugby to have ended 0-0? Was it exciting?

A. An epic 0-0 draw took place between Scotland and New Zealand at Murrayfield in 1964. So far as I am aware this was the last time two senior members of the international board produced such a result. I also understand that it was the last that New Zealand played an international and failed to score a point. The match was only exciting for the Scots, who managed not to lose to New Zealand for the first time. All the other home nations and France were beaten by the tourists. From any other point of view it was not exciting. In 1993 the sides met again at Murrayfield and drew 25-25. So far as I am aware it is the highest scoring draw in senior internationals. It was also very exciting. (One day we will beat New Zealand especially if we can find 13 more Leslie brothers).

Graeme Henderson, Pittenweem

Q. Where did the terms "the pits" derive from in motor sport and motor cycling?

A. In 1908 a divided trench with a counter just above ground level was provided to crews at the French Grand Prix in Dieppe. The race organisers built grand stands and the "pits" were installed below the level of the road so as not to obscure the view, which was just as well as the winning car, a Mercedes, changed tyres nine times during the race. The "pits" were later raise to ground level but the name remained in common use.

Adrian Brodkin, London N2


Q. A recent reserves match between Sunderland and Liverpool attracted 33,517 spec- tators. What is the highest attendance ever for a reserve team match?

Raymond Shaw, Liverpool

Q. When did Australia abolish the eight-ball over in cricket? Why were they different to the rest of the world in the first place?

Dave Garland, Carlisle