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Q. Luton have transferred Simon Davies. This leaves them with two players called Davis (Kelvin and Steve). Has any club ever had more than three players sharing the same surname?

A. In a 1988 Scottish First Division match against Queen of the South, Dunfermline Athletic fielded four Smiths (Bobby, Mark, Trevor and Paul). For good measure the team also contained a couple of Robertsons (Craig and Graeme). The club's squad for the preceding season had included Mark, Trevor and Bobby Smith, and Bobby, Craig and Graeme Robertson.

Michael Anderson, Edinburgh

A. In the 1988-89 season Dunfermline had four Smiths in their squad (Bobby, Mark, Paul and Trevor) but they only made the same starting XI on five occasions.

Gordon Baird, Edinburgh

Q. Claret and light blue appears to be an unusual combination and yet three league clubs sport these colours - West Ham, Aston Villa and Burnley. Is there some historical connection to explain their choice of colours?

A. Many of the Roman villas in Pompeii are two-tone decorated in colours reminiscent of those teams. Perhaps the origins of Aston Villa's colours might be more historic than previously suspected.

Brian Woodall, Ayr ANSWERS PLEASE

Q. Is the Sri Lankan bowler W P U J C Vaas the only international cricketer to have more initials than the number of letters in his surname?

David O'Grady, Sheffield Q. I'm convinced that there are many more drawn games in midweek football league matches than on a Saturday. Am I right? And if so, why should this be?

The Rev Clifford Warren, Cardiff

Q. Why do the "in goal" areas on a rugby union pitch usually extend further than on a rugby league pitch?

Darren Blanchard, Bristol