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Q. How on earth did Exeter City become Brazil's first ever opponents?

A. The choice of Exeter City (just before Brazil's first international against Argentina in 1914) reflects the important role played by Britain in the introduction and growth of football in Brazil. Football is said to have been introduced to Brazil by one Charles Miller, the Brazilian- born son of British parents, and the Fluminense club was founded by British residents in Rio de Janeiro. Early visitors to Brazil included, in 1904, Southampton who were, like Exeter, in the Southern League, and Nottingham Forest in 1905. Corinthians of Sao Paulo were named after the English amateur team who toured Brazil in 1910. In those days a trip to South America meant a three-week journey each way by sea, and the main reason for such tours was money - then to play players' wages during the close season. Plus ca change.

Adrian Brodkin, London N2


Q. Claret and light blue appears to be an unusual combination and yet three league clubs sport these colours - West Ham, Aston Villa and Burnley. Is there some historical connection to explain their choice of colours?

Robert Fox, Taunton, Somerset

Q. In 1885 Arbroath beat Bon Accord 36-0. In theory, what is the highest possible score in 90 minutes' play? What is the record in non-league football?

Jack Park, Harlow, Essex

Q. In tennis it is now common to have a "Cyclops" electronic eye machine to judge whether serves are long. Why is the same technology not applied to the other lines on the court, thus eliminating the need for line judges?

Rhys Morgan, Llandudno

Q. Why is ballroom dancing to be classed as a sport in the next Olympic Games? I have always regarded dancing as an art. Whatever next? Speed painting? Ice sculpture against the clock for the winter Games?

Graham Court, Stafford