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Q. In a football match when a team wins 1-0 the goal is, obviously, the winning goal. But in a 3-0 victory, which goal is the winning goal?

A. A local newspaper football reporter, when writing about a school or youth match, will often refer to "the only goal they needed". By this he or she means the first goal regardless of the final score (2-0, 3-0 etc). In a 3-0 win the first goal is the winning goal; in a 3-1 victory it is the second goal; in a 4-2 victory it is the third etc.

Michael Aidan, Norwich

Q. Every city used to have a Saturday evening sports paper, usually coloured green or pink. Which still do?

A. If you are prepared to visit more than one newsagent in the Cotswolds between Cheltenham and Swindon it is possible to buy four sports papers published on Saturday evening. They are: the Bristol Evening Post Green'Un; the Swindon Evening Advertiser Sporting Pink; the Gloucestershire Citizen Pink'Un; and the Birmingham Sports Argus.

David Frodsham, Cirencester

A. Sadly, the only pink colouration left on the Norwich-based Pink'Un is around the newspaper's title and other headlines. A shame, as I cannot see why the change had to happen.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby


Q. Why, when the Premier League rules state that a home club must allocate visiting fans 10 per cent of their ground's capacity, or 3,000 tickets, whichever is the smaller, do Newcastle and Arsenal get away with only allocating approximately 1,800 tickets to visiting fans?

John Mitchell, Middlesbrough

Q. When Stoke City played York City in the Nationwide League Second Division yesterday, the sides were managed, respectively, by the brothers Brian and Alan Little. Have siblings ever been on the opposing sides as managers before?

Gary Denning, Matlock

Q. Would it be true to say that Chester is the oldest horse racing course in the United Kingdom? If not, which is the oldest?

Kevin Maguire, Batley