Questionaire: Peter Alliss, Former Ryder Cup Player And Golf Commentator

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Who will win the Ryder Cup?

We [Europe] weren't supposed to win the last two but we did. We're not supposed to win this one, so I'm hoping we'll do it again.

Should Nick Faldo have been in or out of the team?


Who's the most influential player in each team?

On our side, Colin Montgomerie, one of the world's best. On theirs, Tiger, who'll get the most attention.

Do players deserve payment for playing, as the Americans have requested?


Who's the best player you've ever seen?

Jack Nicklaus. He's not the most exciting - Palmer, Seve, Woods, Garcia are exciting - but he could play AND think, which is rare.

What's your favourite course?

Heather, pine and silver birch.

Who would be your sportsman of the century?

In golf, Sam Snead. Otherwise Steve Redgrave.

What is the strangest wildlife you've seen on a course?

The crocodiles that are part of a trap on a Gary Player course in America.

Have you ever witnessed cheating in a tournament?

Yes, but I'm saying no more.

What was the worst and best hole you ever played?

Worst was in the 1953 Ryder Cup, the 18th at Wentworth, when I took four to get down. Best was in the final hole of the 1965 Ryder Cup. It was Alliss and O'Connor against Palmer and Marr. I hit a four -wood to within 10 feet.