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Are the tabloid press the upholders of the public interest or not?

I don't want to take the moral high ground. I'm as guilty as anyone of picking up a newspaper when there's a good headline. Everybody's thirst for a bit of gossip is quenched by the British tabloid press.

What was the worst moment of your professional career?

Two years after being a hero in the Wightman Cup at the Albert Hall, and winning a match, I played a disastrous match there against Stephanie Rehe of America and sank without trace.

What was the last film to make you cry?


Who was the greatest sportsperson of the century?

Steve Redgrave, who hasn't had nearly the recognition he deserves.

Where is your favourite city and why do you like it?

After London, which outstrips them all, it would have to be New York. I love it and hate it. Can't stand the taxi drivers, but I love the buzz. And I got engaged there, at the Statue of Liberty.

Do you sympathise with Lawrence Dallaglio?

It's always sad to see a top sportsman ruin his career, but he's responsible for his actions. And I'm extremely anti-drugs.

Will the world's best woman player ever be able to beat one of the top 10 men?


What is your greatest fear?

Dying young and not being able to see my children grow up.

What's the most you've ever spent on a meal?

pounds 100 per head. I went with my brother and a few other people. I won't be going back.

Which sporting event would you pay pounds 500 to watch?

Either the Ryder Cup or the Monaco Grand Prix.