Questionnaire: Cliff Thorburn, Former snooker world champion

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Who's the best snooker player of all time?

Hendry, Alex Higgins, Spencer and Reardon (I didn't see Joe Davis)

Is the game these days a young man's sport?

Yes, unfortunately!

Does your private life match your image?

I forget (I've just turned 50 after all)

Do you play outdoor sports?

Golf, but my ball retreiver is getting regripped at the moment.

Which book has ever made you cry?

Eddie Charlton's "Around The Table In 80 Days"

Did you admire Bill Werbenuik's ability to sink 20 pints and still play?

Awesome. His greatest feat was winning a drinking contest with the darts player Cliff Lazarenko.

Is being good at snooker a sign of a misspent youth?

My Dad thought so, until......

Are you an early riser or a night animal?

The last time I was up at 7am I was a paper boy.

Who would you rather spend an evening with Chas n' Dave or with Robbie Williams?

Who's Robbie Williams?

If you weren't paid for it, would you work with Jim Davidson?

No money for that aggravation? No way.