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1. What is the most expensive bottle of wine in your cellar?

A first-growth claret, Haut Brion 1983, from the Graves region. It is worth around pounds 150-pounds 200.

2. One day in the future, do you think you will be regarded as fondly as John Arlott was?


3. Now that cricket is played all the year round, does your season ever end?


4. When it does, how do you relax and unwind?

At home with my family.

5. Do you get the chance to read many books?

Sometimes, when on holiday.

6. When was the last time you read a cricket book?

I cannot remember.

7. Will you read Geoff Boycott's latest book?

I didn't read any of his previous ones...

8. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Lunch in the new media centre at Lord's.

9. Are you a good cook and if so what is your speciality?

I don't often get the chance but I have cooked Sunday roasts before now. When I do the cooking these days I tend to specialise in breakfast, scrambled eggs, (cooked over a low heat so they don't boil), the works!

10. What is the daftest thing you have ever done?

Trying to reverse a hire car off the ice in St Moritz when it was already deep in icy water.

PS: I never saw that car again.

11. Do you have an agent and if so of what benefit are they to you?

Yes and it's none of your business.

12. Can you name a young cricketer of the future?

Yes. Eric Kaczewski will be born in five years' time in Southampton of Kosovan parents and he will grow up to be England's greatest batsman.