Questionnaire: ERIC HALL, AGENT

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Can the England manager's job be done part time?

Yes, but not by Kevin Keegan. Bring back Terry Venables.

Which non-footballing sporting figure is the greatest of the 20th century?

Are you sure? It must be me!

What's your favourite restaurant?

Langan's, for the atmosphere and food.

Are the 90s cooler than the 60s?

Don't ask me. Ask the Jewish weatherman Michael Gefilte Fish.

What was the last film you saw and was it any good?

Jerry McGuire starring Tom Cruise. Not bad but too long. More like a round-the-world cruise.

Which new language would you like to learn and why?

I know a few words and phrases but I'd like to learn Hebrew properly so I could read the Old Testament.

Who's your favourite author?

My accountant. He is extremely creative and imaginative. Consequently my tax returns are a most enjoyable read.

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given as you were growing up?

If at first you don't succeed, cheat!

Which event would you pay pounds 500 to watch live?

No single event. But I'd pay to meet any of the sporting or showbiz greats like Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. I'd certainly pay pounds 500 to meet the last two!

When did you last cry?

When you told me I wasn't being paid for answering these questions.

What's your tipple?

An occasional glass of champagne.

What's the most you've paid for a bottle of wine?

About pounds 3.