Questionnaire: George Salmond, Scotland's World Cup cricket Captain

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Do Scotland deserve to be 500-1 outsiders for the World Cup?

Yes. I think 500-1 is quite conservative. To win we need to beat Australia, the West Indies and others. Maybe it's because I'm a Scot, but I'd be looking for longer odds than that before I had a bet. What about 510-1?

What's your greatest hope for the tournament?

To win two games, against Bangladesh and maybe one other.

Did Scotland winning the Five Nations rugby give Scottish cricket, a boost?

It certainly did. Those guys were the wooden spoon favourites before it started. Just like us now, really.

Who's your cricketing hero?

Jonty Rhodes.

What bonuses are you on for the World Cup?

Nothing, no cash incentives at all. We get loss of earnings compensation [because most of the side are amateurs and taking time off work to compete], but nothing else. It's all about pride.

Have you got a team song?

It's probably "You're shite, and you know you are." We were trying to get something done with Rod Stewart, or maybe the Bay City Rollers, but it didn't come off.

Will Scotland change for the better with the new Parliament?

It's an opportunity for a new beginning. Like the cricket team, it's a transitional thing and will be up to the people involved to make it work.

Which of the countries competing in the World Cup would you like to visit on holiday?

I've been to South Africa and New Zealand, so it'd be Australia.

Which country do you fear the most in the World Cup?

Australia. They're without doubt the best we'll face.

What's your motto?

Play hard, play fair.