Questionnaire: Jimmy Hill, Pundit Extraordinaire

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After beating Inter, can Manchester United win the European Cup?

I feel that their luck's in, but anything can happen in the next two rounds.

What's your favourite foreign food?

French. It leads by a mile.

Who's the brightest young British footballing prospect?

I don't think you can put anyone ahead of Michael Owen, but the young Leeds defender Jonathon Woodgate is worth watching.

What's the best book you've ever read?

My autobiography, The Jimmy Hill Story. It reminded me of all the things I've forgotten.

How many of your shirts from your playing days have you kept?

None. Even the ball I scored five goals with against Doncaster in 1958 I gave to my son and it got torn to pieces on the park.

Would you welcome Rupert Murdoch taking over Manchester United?

It wouldn't worry me, even if I didn't work for him. One man can't change a whole league.

Did you see the Lewis / Holyfield fight and was Lewis cheated?

With a chin like mine, it's hard to watch boxing.

Did you bet on anything at Cheltenham? Did you win?

I bet on Decoupage, which came second, and Florida Pearl, which came third. The only other time I ever bet is on the Derby.

What was the worst dressing room you ever experienced?

The worst place I ever changed in was my own home, changing from my school kit into my Boys' Brigade uniform and keeping the mud on my knees in between. We only had one bath a week then.

Which politician would you most like to share a long journey with?

Our last Prime Minister, John Major. The public didn't take to him, but he's a very warm character and a great listener.