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Who is the most exciting player, man or woman, in the world today?

Venus Williams, because she is so athletic and powerful and you never know what she'll do next.

Did you have any must-do rituals before a match?

I would use the same loo every day. Whichever tournament I was at, whichever loo I used on the first day I would have to use that same one before every match.

If you could change the result of any one match, which would it have been?

The semi-final in Paris when I lost in three sets. I wish I had gone through.

Which historic figure would you like to have met?

Gandhi. He had an interesting perspective on life.

Who will win the singles tournaments in the next fortnight?

Pete Sampras and Venus Williams.

Do you own any Cliff Richard records. If so, how many?

I actually own a "Greatest Hits", which someone gave me. I play it sometimes.

In five years' time will Anna Kournikova and co primarily be tennis players who model or models who play tennis?

I think they will still be tennis players foremost, but it's great for these women to play the game and have great bodies. It's good for them and the game.

Are tantrums on court unnecessary or merely the inevitable consequence of genius?

Some are through genius. Especially with all that tension bubbling away, it's inevitable people sometimes release it that way.

What is the most you would pay for a punnet of strawberries?

I never pay at Wimbledon, but I would pay pounds 2, only if I absolutely had to.

What unfulfilled ambition do you most yearn still to achieve?

I yearn to break 90 at my local golf course.