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Can Leeds win the title?

I worry about injuries but if they can still be up there at the end of February and in March, they have a good chance. When we won, we were looking at every fixture after every game and working out the permutations. It gets pressurised.

What's the strangest request you've had in your current job as Elland Road tour guide?

People saying they've found a 1972 championship medal in the loft and wanting to know all about it and what it is worth. There are lots of them and they're actually commemorative Esso tokens.

If you would make one new law in football, what would it be?

If a player who has voluntarily entered into his contract, asks to move on, his new club should not be allowed to pay him more than his current wage until the time his first contract would expire. If that was enforceable around the world, no one would be moving purely for money.

What was your finest hour?

Being a player for 20 years and maintaining a standard so someone will pay you to play. One moment would be playing for a British League XI against a Rest of the World XI in 1987. Our team was Shilton, Samson, me, McGrath, Gough, Ardiles, Robson, Brady, Allen, Waddle and Webb. They had Maradona, Platini and Lineker. We won 3-0. That meant something, that Bobby Robson had picked me to play.

Who were your toughest opponents?

Liverpool of the early 80s.

Who's your sporting hero of the century?

Muhammad Ali, because of what he went through due to his colour and what impact he achieved in that area. Coming from Northern Ireland, I know about prejudice.

If you were Leeds manager, which player would you sign?

Rivaldo. People talk about the other one [Ronaldo], but he's always off with injuries and stress.