Questionnaire: Kirsty Gallacher - TV sports presenter

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Has the football season come around too soon?

At Sky it never really stopped - we covered the Copa America at the end of last season and the Intertoto Cup at the start of this one, and they overlapped.

How long do you think it will be before the football bubble bursts?

Who knows? In this country it's really exciting. The game has never been so well supported and look who won the Champions' League last season. Let's enjoy the moment.

Which team do you support?


What don't you like about football?

Player power and dishonouring contracts.

What's the best game you have ever seen?

Juventus v Roma at the Olympic Stadium in Rome - an amazing spectacle.

Who is your tip for the Premiership?

Arsenal. I really respect Arsene Wenger.

Name a rising star to look out for?

There's more than one. Leeds' Alan Smith, West Ham's Joe Cole, Newcastle's Kieron Dyer and Fulham's Sean Davis.

Which manager's head will be the first to roll?

Impossible to predict - management has to be the most stressful job - they take on so much, often unnecessary, flak. Southampton struggled last season and they've got their work cut out out for this campaign or Dave Jones could pay the price.

Is there life after Des at the BBC?

Better ask Greg Dyke that one.

Favourite sports programme as a kid?

"Match of the Day" - I used to love watching John Barnes and Gary Lineker.

Will retired professionals eventually oust the traditional anchorman in TV sport?

Possibly. Andy Gray, is a great example of an ex-pro who has succeeded in TV for the way he de-mystifies tactics and offers a real insight into the game.

Your father [Bernard the golfer] was famous - did you ever feel pressure to emulate his success?

No I didn't. He's a sportsman, I'm a presenter - comparisons are irrelevant.