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What do you think of England under Kevin Keegan so far?

Promising, despite the results. We need some luck now, but at least the players seem like they want to play.

What can the men's game teach the women's and vice versa?

We can learn from the men who've played for years. Our game is played in a more sportsmanlike way, without the pressures of commercialisation. There's a lot of cynicism in the men's game. You don't see so many cards, or diving or trying to get opponents sent off in the women's game.

What has been your best football moment?

Playing for England. Scoring a hat-trick against the Scots a few years ago stands out.

Who are your football heroes?

Dennis Bergkamp. In past days it was Peter Osgood.

What will Women's Football Awareness Week, which runs until Sunday, achieve?

Hopefully, it will get girls involved in the game, and help us stop losing girls at 14, which is the most common age that they find they have nowhere to play or can't find leagues to compete in.

Could the women's England side ever beat a men's league side, from the Nationwide Conference for example?

I can envisage it if we go professional. But the point is that we don't want to play against men, we want to play against women. The issue is about women participating in sport.

Who is the greatest sporting figure of the 20th century?

I don't look to individuals. For me, any amateurs who reach the top of their sports unpaid are those I look up to.

Who will be relegated from the men's Premier League next season?

Southampton, Coventry and either Bradford or Watford.

What was your reaction to Manchester United's treble?

I wasn't too happy about them winning the FA Cup, because they beat Arsenal in the semi. I wasn't too happy about them winning the League, for the same reason. I was delighted that they won the European Cup - it was a great achievement.