Questionnaire Richard Keys - Tv Sports Presenter

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Is there too much football on television ? No, I don't think so. We have to be wary that in the future there may be, but not at the moment. Television and football have been great partners over the last few years.

Do you support the use of TV replays, to help referees make difficult decisions?

I do but only, as Andy Gray often points out, in matters of fact, such as did the ball cross the line? If technology could improve decision-making, then I think that most officials would support its use. American football, rugby league and cricket have used TV replays, so why not football? It can be done.

Will England qualify for the European Championship?

Yes, an unqualified yes. We can still get there, and I believe we will. Even a draw in Poland wouldn't be a disaster, as I can't see Poland getting anything from Sweden.

What was the last game you paid to attend?

The last one I covered for Sky. No-one pays more than us !

What is the best game of football you've ever seen , and the most memorable event you have covered?

Liverpool 4, Newcastle 3 from 1996, without a shadow of a doubt. It was a monumental game, with goals in the first and last minute, and incredible action in between. The best two minutes of sport I've ever seen was in Barcelona this year. For Manchester United to win the European Cup like that, in front of their own fans, was unbelievable.

How do you remain neutral when you cover Coventry City?

Because I have to. If they've played badly and deserve to lose then so be it, if they win, then great, but it doesn't affect my input. It's not a problem.

If Robbie Keane asked for pounds 40,000 per week, should he get it?

Robbie? He could ask, but he wouldn't get it at Coventry. If his career continues at its present rate, then he might get it in the future.