Questions of Sport pounds 40,000 to be won

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Today we are giving you another sporting chance of an instant win.

In Saturday's paper, there was a Questions Of Sport multi-choice scratch card which, if you answer three sporting questions correctly, gives you the chance of an instant cash prize from pounds 1 to pounds 1,000.

You don't have to be an obsessive fan to play - a good general sporting knowledge should suffice. But remember, you only get one chance to answer each question, so if you are in any doubt, check it out.

The card contains eight games so you can play daily through to Friday 19 January.

And as well as the daily instant cash prizes there is a weekly accumulator prize of pounds 5,000.


Monday 15 January 1996

To claim prizes up to pounds 5


Take this coupon to any of the participating Newsagents listed who will give you your prize instantly.

NAME .............................................................

ADDRESS ........................................................

POSTCODE ................ TELEPHONE .....................

To the Newsagent: Please check the card is correct and give the reader the value of their prize. Send this coupon or details supplied on plain paper together with the winning card to your head office for full redemption.


Today we are playing the section of the card dated Monday 15 January. Below are three sporting questions, each with three possible answers coded as A, B and C. Scratch off your answer to Question Ten, either A,B or C in the Q10 column then repeat for Q11 and Q12.


Q10 What is the surname of the two brothers who are both England rugby internationals?

A: Underwood

B: Guscott

C: Carling

Q11 Who is retiring this year from the post of chairman of the FA after 15 years in charge?

A: Sir Bert Millichip

B: Sir Bobby Charlton

C: Graham Kelly

Q12 In golf, what is known as The Nineteenth Hole?

A: The practice ground

B: The practice putting green

C: The clubhouse


Scratch off ONE letter only for each question. If you reveal three identical cash amounts on any one game section on one day, you win that amount.

After you have played the last game on your card, total the cash amounts you have revealed. If your total is pounds 5,000 you win or share the pounds 5,000 accumulator prize.


If you have revealed three identical cash amounts of pounds 5 or under, DO NOT PHONE. Take the claim coupon OR a piece of plain paper with your name and address on it PLUS the relevant section of the card to one of the newsagents listed below.

For prizes over pounds 5, phone 01254 683666 (Irish Republic 0044 1254 683666) between 10.30am and 4pm Monday to Saturday.

Participating newsagents: WH Smith, John Menzies, Forbuoys, Martins/RS McColl,Dillons, Gibbs, Macs, Supercigs, United News Shops, Star News, K Balfour, Eason, GT News, Paperchain - Village Store, Paper Shop.

If you have any difficulty redeeming your card and coupon for a prize send both to: Independent Questions Of Sport claims, PO Box 60, Burnley, BB10 1SH.


1. No purchase necessary. Cards are freely available from newsagents or by sending a large sae to: Independent Questions Of Sport Card Request, PO Box 41, Blackburn X, BB2 6AG. One card per request.

2. The prizes for each game will be awarded to the player or players making a successful claim.

3. All claims are subject to scrutiny and cards must be intact to be eligible for a prize. Cards with printing errors are void.

4. Winners must agree to the publication of their names and photographs in The Independent and the Independent on Sunday.

5. Should more prizes be claimed than are available in any prize category, for any reason, a simple draw will take place for the prize.

6. Persons under 16 years old, employees of Newspaper Publishing plc., Mirror Group, Europrint Promotions Ltd., Newspaper Publishing plc retail agents, their agents and families are not allowed to play.

7. The Editors' decisions are final in all matters relating to the games. No correspondence can be entered into.

8. Newspaper Publishing plc reserve the right to stop the game at any time and change the conditions.