Questions of Sport pounds 40,000 to be won

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Today we are giving you another sporting chance of an instant win.

In Saturday's paper, and Sunday's Independent on Sunday, there was a Questions Of Sport multi-choice scratch card each of which, if you answer three sporting questions correctly, gives you the chance of an instant cash prize from pounds 1 to pounds 1,000.

You don't have to be an obsessive fan to play - a good general sporting knowledge should suffice. But remember, you only get one chance to answer each question, so if you are in any doubt, check it out.

The card contains eight games so you can play daily through to Friday 12 January

And as well as the daily instant cash prizes there is a weekly accumulator prize of pounds 5,000


Today we are playing the section of the card dated Tuesday 9 January. Below are three sporting questions, each with three possible answers coded as A, B and C. Scratch off your answer to Question Thirteen, either A,B or C in the Q13 column then repeat for Q14 and Q15.


Q13 In Test Cricket, who is England's highest total run scorer?

A: Graham Gooch

B: David Gower

C: Geoffrey Boycott

Q14 Which snooker player is known as Whirlwind because of the speed of his play?

A: Alex Higgins

B: Stephen Hendry

C: Jimmy White

Q 15 In which sport might you score a Strike or a Spare?

A: Ten-pin bowling

B: Curling

C: Ice hockey

IMPORTANT: Scratch off ONE letter only for each question.

If you reveal three identical cash amounts on any one section on any one day, you win that amount. After you have played the last game on your card, total the cash amounts you have revealed. If your total is pounds 5,000 you win or share the pounds 5,000 accumulator prize.


If you have revealed three identical cash amounts of pounds 10 or under, DO NOT PHONE. Take the claim coupon OR a piece of plain paper with your name and address on it PLUS the relevant section of the card to one of the newsagents listed below. For prizes over pounds 10, phone 01254 683666 (Irish Republic 0044 1254 683666) between 10.30am and 4pm Monday to Saturday.

Participating newsagents: WH Smith, John Menzies, Forbuoys, Martins/RS McColl,Dillons, Gibbs, Macs, Supercigs, United News Shops, Star News, K Balfour, Eason, GT News, Paperchain - Village Store, Paper Shop.

If you have any difficulty redeeming your card and coupon for a prize send both to: Independent Questions Of Sport claims, PO Box 60, Burnley, BB10 1SH.