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n With him [Agassi] being on top of his game and being No 1 in the world, this was probably the best match I've ever had at Wimbledon. Boris Becker sums up his four-set semi-final triumph over Andre Agassi.

n I felt like I was always fighting uphill. He picked up his level and I never managed to pick up mine. After that second set, I never quite emotionally rose to the occasion. My confidence wasn't there. Agassi.

n Two careless games cost me the whole match. Goran Ivanisevic in downcast mood after his exit at the hands of the defending champion, Pete Sampras.

n All the match I was unlucky. Probably I was born unlucky. Most of the time, he hit a lucky shot. Ivanisevic.

n Sometimes it takes a little bit of luck to win. It definitely went my way today. Sampras.

n You don't care that it's break point. You're just here to have fun. Ivanisevic, upset over two line calls, complains to the umpire, Gerry Armstrong.

n It was a really scary rollercoaster ride for me. Goran must have the biggest serve in tennis history by far. Sampras.

n Two very hungry boys will play on Sunday. Becker.