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n I'm very happy to be playing here. I smile when I get a birdie. Katsuyoshi Tomori, one of yesterday's leaders.

n I knew I'd have to shoot a good score today to get back in it. I'm back in it. Nick Faldo, who shot 67.

n I thought some people might be mad if I took a divot out of the green. This is St. Andrews. John Daly, after he two-putted from 180 feet on the 12th.

n I had four doughnuts on eight and a chocolate chip muffin on 10. Those muffins are really good. My nickname can be the dough boy ... it was dough boy in high school, I don't mind if it's dough boy out here. I've got more addictions now than when I was drinking. Daly, a former alcoholic.

n The chairman said he wanted me to play until I was 100. I told him if I made 100 I'd play. Arnold Palmer, who ended his final Open, on being asked to play in the US Masters.

n What Arnold Palmer has done for the Open is everything. If there had been no Arnold Palmer in 1960 who knows, it might have been a little shed on the beach instead of these salubrious surroundings. Faldo, who watched Palmer's last hole.