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Today we saw the All Blacks playing in red jerseys.

France coach Jean-Claude Skrela applauds Wales' brilliant 34-33 win in Paris.

The tortoise beat the hare.

Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine enjoys his success - and the McLarens' failure - at the Australian Grand Prix.

Some days he could climb Everest and other days he can't climb out of bed.

Aston Villa boss John Gregory on striker Stan Collymore, who is being treated for depression.

The Italians are used to going to places and playing a different formation. They are not like the Englishmen who might go to clinics when they are left out.

Derby boss Jim Smith sings Francesco Baiano's praises.

We call it the Viagra punch because it stiffens every part of the body - bar the private parts.

Jack Trickett, manager of boxer Michael Brodie.

I've had the whole of the Caribbean behind me since I was a teenager and there is no reason to let up.

Brian Lara after West Indies had recorded their lowest-ever Test score of 51, against Australia.

I am sorry if you misinterpreted my actions during the game, which were not meant to cause any offence.

Letter from Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler to England colleague Graeme Le Saux after their bust-up at Chelsea.